Monday, 6 January 2014

My Confidant

'My Confidant'

Your love is my confident

It is pure gluttony
pure truculence

Would you listen to my hearts
You know its sound.
I know,
I hear yours.
To feel your love
Is the purest of

It is my plethora.
Your plethora.
No one knows.
Not even you.
But I’ll try my best
and maybe one day soon

You’ll see my love
Binding its web
Interlocking our hearts
Turning our heads.

When one breaks
The other will
It’s delicate lace
Only two can

Everyone has their
Different from the person before
Different from
But that’s what makes it pure

All its differences and instabilities.
For of all its gratuitous sense
Replaces any feeling of

Love is never easy
But it’s important to see.
A modicum of love
is worth
more than an abundance of greed.

Your love is my passion,
For to love
Is to feel.
I love you baby,

And I know this time. It’s for real.

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