Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Use Cross Processing to enhance your photo's | LightRoom 4

It's probably one of the best ways to enhance your photographs. Fashion photographers use it. Portrait photographers use it. Cross Processing used to be a term associated with developing film in the wrong chemicals for different lengths of time. Now, many people use LightRoom to get a similar effect by using the split toning feature, applying one hue to the highlights of the image and another to the shadows.

Split Toning has made the image above much warmer and eye catching. The before image could still be classed as a well presented image, but it doesn't give the image anything to stand out.
It doesn't have to be as obvious either, I added it to these shots where it gives the image more clarity and appears much more appealing.

To get started, a warmer hue is usually used for the highlights and cooler for the shadows. You can also try out different combinations of colours to mix and experiment with.

I used a Hue of 81 with Saturation at 27 for the highlights and a Hue of 240, Saturation 39 for the shadows. You can see the image looks much more professional with this feature.
Try Cross Processing out! Find your own style and give your photos a signature look.

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