Monday, 6 January 2014

'I can hear the Rain'

I can hear the rain
Pounding at my door
Another gloomy day
I can't take anymore

There used to be a light
That light was you
I used to dream alone
And I'd end up with you

I can hear the rain
Slipping down my face
Meandering through the crevices
Leaving behind a trace

A trace of love that is just for you
My heart doesn't long for something new.

No, it still longs for you
Your beautiful hair
And your wonderful care
Free joy and happiness
That was there to stay
But I had to have tempted fate
I needed you more and more
As the world flew by
My world stood still
I hear the goodbyes

I'm not where I'm supposed to be
I deserve more
I deserve better
I'm sure I've found the cure
But to obtain it is much harder to do

For some it's in their blood
They open a door to find there
Gold and love and everything in between
They don't notice as it seems
Far to far for me to go
Door after door
Thousands of keys
Only to unlock
And set myself free

I lost a love so fond of me
She had my heart
She had my key

It fit so elegantly inside her chest
I knew at the start that we could stand the test
Of time
Of trouble
Of lovers joy

Her words of wisdom sang to my heart
But I ignored the sounds of harps
The sound of joy
The sound of love
I lost the only thing I've ever loved

More than my life
More than my dreams
I cry when awake
My mind makes me weep

I think of how things would be
Should be
If I could unlock more doors
And see
The next step in my life so fresh
And free
But now that locks shut
And I've lost the key

I can hear the rain
Inside my mind
The condensation
Turned me blind
but I can see
Through foggy haze
And I know just
One of these days

I'll find a way
And Escape the maze.

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